Cause: the respected customers and partners: Recently on the Internet for someone released some false information and illegal use the name we send and receive orders, a serious violation of the us legal rights, for this company to make the following statement: Any person or company received in the name of a company prudential information and order, please be careful screening, verified, all in the name of our company, published online by the false information produced by the trade disputes are not with us, we will keep it shall be investigated for legal responsibility of related. Thus for your company. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope that the new and old partners can continue support our company.Announcement:

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     Parity, safety, professional, rapid Shenzhen all citizens freight representative company is relying on in shenzhen, and Hong Kong, the professional logistics, the declaration. With the integration of shenzhen, Hong Kong and the region's resources ad...... [more]

CNT InternationaI logistics(Hk) Co.,limited

Phone: 0755-84153341 13316918602
Contact: ChenXuan
Address: shenzhen district
spring breeze

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Phone: 0755-84153341 fax: 0755-28753939 mobile: 13316918602 contacts: ChenXuan
Address: shenzhen district spring breeze changfeng YuanManYu porch (the main building) 1620
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